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Breathing Disorder Treatment

Lungs Illustration

Breathing issues can be caused from many issues such as asthma, COPD, Parkinson's, emphysema, Long Haul Covid, prolonged hospitalizations, post intubation/ventilator, post pneumonia, stress and anxiety.

Our Physiotherapist, Cyndi Otfinowski can guide you through breathing exercises, breathing education, balance training, pacing strategies, stretches and movements to help you better manage your breathing challenges. Breathing Disorder Treatment can be provided via telehealth, in home visits or in-clinic treatment.

If you have difficulty getting a deep breath, feel short of breath doing minimal activity, like talking or walking, Cyndi can provide:
1. breathing techniques to help you tolerate shortness of breath
2. breathing pattern retraining
3. inspiratory muscle training
4. exercise programs to improve activity tolerance
5. biofeedback tool (capnotrainer) to help you relearn a normal breathing pattern at rest or during activity;
6. Education related to your breathing issue.


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