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Camila Schujman graduated with a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) from the University of Manitoba in 2023. She also received an Honours BA in Dance in 2016 and became a certified STOTT Pilates instructor in 2021. 

Camila, a bilingual immigrant living in Winnipeg for over 20 years, discovered her passion for movement through dance after immigrating from Argentina. Dance became her avenue for self-expression and connection, fueling her curiosity about the human body. The training and conditioning required to sustain her dance career showed her the importance of being active in order to improve mental and physical well-being in everyday life. Now, Camila is eager to assist others in enhancing their mobility, function, and self-expression through movement.

As a dancer, Camila endured many injuries, and it was through her own rehab journey that she was introduced to physiotherapy. The physiotherapist she worked with helped her comprehend her injuries and provided tools to recover allowing her to continue her active lifestyle and dance career. Camila now aspires to positively impact her clients rehab journey so that her patients can continue to live fulfilling and high-quality lives. 

Camila's dance training introduced her to Pilates. Pilates gave her a new perspective to movement, and she gained tools to condition her own body. This positive experience inspired her to become a certified Pilates instructor. Teaching Pilates enabled her to assist others in connecting mind and body for more effective exercise, while also developing leadership abilities to motivate and connect with clients.

Camila gained valuable experience during her clinical placements, working with diverse groups in various settings. She particularly appreciated the one-on-one interactions with patients, where she could build therapeutic relationships and observe their progress. She found collaboration with peers, mentors, and clients beneficial, as it expanded her knowledge and provided multiple perspectives.

In her free time Camila enjoys spending time at the lake, hiking and canoeing. She also enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family and sharing a good meal. 

Camila is excited to join the Tuxedo Physiotherapy team, to learn and collaborate with her colleagues and clients.

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