Cyndi Otfinowski graduated with a BSc in Environmental and Conservation Sciences (1996) prior to starting her career path in physiotherapy...She enjoys being outside in nature, bird watching and walking her dog. However, after working in Alberta in the oil industry and being away from home and her husband, she decided to change careers to improve her ‘lifestyle’ and ‘wellness’.


In 2000, Cyndi went back to school for 3 more years and graduated from University of Western Ontario with a BSc in Physical Therapy (with distinction) in 2003. In her quest to learn more Cyndi returned school and obtained her Masters in Rehabilitation Science in 2015 from McGIll University. Her Masters thesis was the “Interaction between depth of breathing and walking speed in individuals post-stroke”. The most significant finding was that increasing the depth of breathing while walking a comfortable speed, in individuals post-stroke, improved their walking speed.


Cyndi has worked in an acute care hospital, focused mostly on education after a heart attack or heart surgery; respiratory techniques to assist with airway clearance and assisting clients to improve their mobility. Cyndi is also honoured to be a assistant lab instructor for the University of Manitoba in the physiotherapy program for the Clinical Skills for Physical Therapy in Cardiorespiratory Conditions Course. 


Cyndi has taken post-graduate courses in concussion, vestibular rehab, pulmonary rehabilitation, mindfulness for chronic pain and coaching for performance. She has passed the french language exam of the Office Québecois de la langue française. 


Currently, Cyndi is working towards her certification as a “respiratory educator” (namely for asthma and COPD), and taking courses in Long Haul COVID to help people suffering from prolonged symptoms well after the infectious state has resolved. Cyndi is also in training to become a Feldenkrais Practitioner and hopes to be fully certified in 2024.


Cyndi’s main clinical interests are in helping people with breathing difficulties, chronic pain, balance and mobility challenges, and using health behaviour coaching to help people reach their health goals. Cyndi is motivated to help people improve their function through breathing exercises and task-specific exercises. She believes her 19 year physiotherapy career in hospital, teaching and research, as well as her personal experience, can help many people recover from injury or illness.


Cyndi’s own challenges after an injury in 2016, have encouraged her to explore many different types of treatment, to assist with chronic pain and recovery. The Goldilocks rule: not too much, not too little, but ‘just right’, has become her new philosophy of living.  She realizes that it is extremely important to be ‘aware’ of how she is moving more than accomplishing the movement itself, in order to determine what is pain-free and efficient movement. She hopes to share this journey with many of her patients to find the ‘just right’. 


For fun, Cyndi loves to spend time in nature, walk her dog, and read. When possible, she also enjoys exploring the culture and arts that is rich and vibrant in Winnipeg, and learning other languages such as French and Ojibway. 


Cyndi is excited to offer physiotherapy services at Tuxedo Physiotherapy!