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Logan Biccum became interested in physiotherapy after countless personal experiences through her involvement in various sports. The physiotherapists Logan admired took quality time to listen to her, were reassuring, and had a diverse set of treatment skills. Logan strives to replicate this in her own practice to ensure her clients are being cared for.  

Going into her Master of Physical Therapy, Logan thought she would pursue sports physiotherapy. After completing clinical field placements, she quickly realized her passion was working in orthopedics and neurology with a diverse clientele, especially the geriatric population. Logan had an insightful experience completing a placement at the Neuro Rehab Clinic in which she worked with individuals who had neurological injuries and conditions. Logan looks forward to continuing her work with this clientele at Tuxedo Physiotherapy. 

For each individual Logan works with, she plans to have a thorough initial assessment to gain an in-depth understanding of her client’s physical limitations and goals of returning to functional activities, hobbies, or preinjury state. Logan plans to work together with her client to provide individualized treatment programs that works best for her client’s situation and environment.

When Logan is not working, she loves staying active by running, playing basketball/volleyball, or taking walks in the park. She loves to go camping and hopes to purchase a small camper soon, so she no longer has to tent. Logan has many destinations she would like to travel to and loves to dance. Feel free to tell her about your personal travel dreams or show her your favourite dance move, and she’ll do the same!

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