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Jana Loney was initially drawn to physiotherapy because of her dance background and interest in how the human body works.  Since graduating in 2011, she discovered her passion for connecting with people from all walks of life.  She has had the opportunity to work with a variety of issues including pre- and post-partum care, dance injuries, joint replacements, post- operative muscle and tendon repairs, ACL reconstruction, fractures, sports injuries, whiplash and nerve impingements.


Many of the courses Jana has taken over the years have influenced her active approach to treatment.  She believes staying active is essential in recovery and focuses on keeping her clients moving within their limits through all stages of healing.  Courses she has taken include Acupuncture, Running Injury Prevention, Advanced Foot Control for Dancers, Vestibular Rehabilitation (for vertigo and dizziness) and Myofascial Release. In 2022, Jana completed a lower quadrant mulligan manual therapy course. 


After sustaining a back injury, Jana discovered STOTT Pilates during her own rehabilitation.  Pilates not only helped resolve her pain but allowed her to continue the things she loves including taking a variety of dance classes.  After taking the mat and reformer courses, Jana now uses STOTT Pilates in many of her treatments.


Jana has taken dance classes since the age of 3.  This has fostered her special interest in working with dancers. She is currently working on Cecchetti Advance 2 syllabus and would love to help you resolve a nagging injury or improve your technique!


Treating pre- and post-partum woman has also become an interest for Jana. She finds helping expecting and new moms reduce pain and discomfort extremely rewarding. Her Pilates background has proven essential in assisting new moms who have an ab separation (diastasis recti) back to moving and exercising safely.  


In her free time, Jana can be found exploring the great outdoors. She is an avid camper and hiker. Some of her favourite places include The Rocky Mountains and Nopiming Provincial Park.  She and her husband are passionate about travel, wine, environmental sustainability and dogs!

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