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Dancers, Are Your Calves Working At Their Best

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

By Jana Loney, Physiotherapist

Dancers, are your calves working to the best of their ability? Research has shown that the inside portion of your calf, called the medial gastrocnemius, plays an important role in stabilizing your ankle and providing the power needed for jumping. It is especially active during turn out! Try this test to see if you can activate your medial gastrocnemius: 1) Sit on the ground with one knee bent and the other leg straight in front of you 2) Place an air-filled ball that has some give, against the wall 3) Put the ball of your foot/toes on the ball 4) Try to point your foot at your ankle (keeping your toes extended on the ball) 5) Touch the inside portion of your calf and feel for tensing of your medial gastrocnemius If you feel your inside calf muscle “flickering” or cannot feel it tensing, our physiotherapist Jana Loney can help you maximize your strength potential!


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