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LARGE Movements with Parkinson's

by Lisa Mills-Hutton, Physiotherapist

Move BIG! exercises for Parkinson's

Movement with someone with Parkinson's Disease can begin to become small, slow and rigid. The positive news is with frequent and intentional practice of LARGE movements like high steps, big arm swings and large lunge steps we can retrain muscles and the brain to intentionally move bigger. Other benefits of practicing large movements include improved balance, coordination and overall wellbeing. Large movement practice can be a vital tool in potentially slowing the progression of the disease.

large arm movements help to retrain muscles and the brain

make big arm movements - exercises for Parkinson's

Check out our model extraordinaire demonstrating some of the movements we like to introduce with individuals with Parkinson's Disease and other similiar conditions.

Balloon and ball tosses are fun and help to work on big movements, hand-eye coordination and balance.
large arm movements help to retrain muscles and the brain

Best In Health!


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